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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Ideas for the Photography of Weddings

By William Robertson

What would a wedding be without photographs; just how much would the bride and groom remember a few years later. Professional digital wedding photographers are usually hired to ensure that memories of the day stay captured and ready to be looked at whenever the couple wants too.

This isn't easy; creating that perfect shot if you are taking photographs without help as there is only so much you can do on your own without help. So, if you need some help for a wedding you are to attend and you are going to use a digital camera, then you may find some useful information in this article.

Unless you know how to compensate or have taken the shot purposely for effect; remember the background is very important. Portrait images (those that show just head and shoulders) can be very effective especially if the background is hardly in the shot.

Try to get guests that have spectacles on to either remove them or hold their head at an angle so that there isn't a reflection obscuring their eyes. Although some interesting effects can be achieved when you take a picture of a subject with the light behind them this may not be the right occasion to experiment so make sure the light is behind you when you take your shot.

A zoom lens will often enable you to take pictures that would not otherwise be possible as people are not so conscious of their photo being taken. As you can't keep asking people to pose for you, always have the camera to hand because digital wedding photography is just as much about having natural, un-posed for shots.

Digital cameras rely on two things, memory and power and the last thing you want when you take your shots is to run out of memory or for the batteries to die on you. For 6 mega pixel cameras and up, the absolute bare minimum should be a 1 gigabyte card, preferably 2 gigabytes and always use the highest resolution your camera can manage if the images are to be printed.

The reason you need to set the cameras resolution to the maximum is because the colors will be richer and if you want to enlarge the photos, it won't be a problem. Storing the wedding images on a computer or CD will mean that you can print them off whenever you want but a presentation CD can be played back on a TV.

Photography is an art form that many people try to master, just like painting but how well your digital wedding photography images of the day come out will be down to your passion for photography.

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