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Friday, May 15, 2009

Are Digital Camera Prices Getting Lower?

By Chris Campbell

Are you about to get scammed on your next digital camera purchase? Does the prospect of buying a digital camera send shivers down your spine and wallet? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be that bad.

Although, if you listen to all the noise coming from digital ads, pop-ups, and pimply faced salesman, I could understand why you would feel that way. In the spirit of making your next digital camera really easy, let's think about a few simple rules.

Asking what your want your camera to do for you and how you plan to use it would be a far better question to consider before starting your digital camera search. Since digitals range in price these days from $100 to around $5000, price is really to vague a consideration to think about in the beginning. For the sake of discussion, though we could break digitals down by price category. This should at least give you a baseline to start from.

In spite of what you may have heard. Good composition, good lighting, an interesting subject, and the right person behind the shutter can capture some pretty amazing images. In the right situation, a $100 simple point and shoot camera can take just as good a picture as any $2000 state of the art digital SLR full frame camera.

The person taking the picture is still the single biggest determining factor as to how good the final image will be.

This class of camera take some pretty good images, but are easy to take along just about anywhere, and even easier to use. They have minimal camera settings to fiddle with, and don't mind sharing the bottom of your backpack with whatever paraphernalia you have stashed there. Cameras like the Olympus Stylus 790SW would serve you well.

Don't worry about megapixels, as the image quality of any camera over 5MP will be all but indistinguishable to the average photographer.

Battery life is often better, as rechargeable battery packs is an option with this group of cameras. High resolution LCD and optical viewfinders are often both available with these cameras. It's good to have both options for framing pictures.

There is an abundance of choice with digital cameras these days, and generally that's good. I'd say any of the top ten rated cameras in your price budget will keep you happy.

If your looking in the over $1000 price category, then to be quite honest you don't need my help. The best digital camera prices for these cameras is really less of an issue. Anyone looking to spend this much money for a camera should let their own personal preferences be their guide. Camera functionality and image quality are far more important at this point.

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