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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Art of Nude Modeling

By Daniel Pott

Nude Modeling is something that is a little controversial (and always has been). With art becoming more and more subjective, it is hard to draw a line on what is appropriate and what isnt.

At schools, like at a lot of colleges you can be a nude model. They come in all shapes and sizes and just depends on the kind of projects they are looking for at the time.

I have learned from reading about it and also from a girl that I know that does nude modeling at my school, that it isnt as easy as it looks. Standing there, naked, for hours on end in the same spot so that someone can paint or draw you can be hard. You have to stay still so that they can get you at the same angle, or if they are taking pictures for a project or filming, you have to learn to move your body just right for that particular piece.

You also have to be very comfortable with your body. First off, you have to be willing to go to the auditions for nude modeling and if you arent what they are looking for they will turn you down and you have to be able to not take it personally (you just probably werent right for that particular job). Also, you have to be able to stand there for hours on end listening to what the artists have to say about your body. And finally if the piece you posed for is published or in a gallery or even just in a classroom on display, there will be people no doubt, that love it, dont care about it either way or just hate it. No matter what the artwork is, there is always that spectrum and you have to know that its the art they are talking about, not your body.

If you are a nude model you could end up being one of those amazing art pieces. Because this is considered art and even throughout history you see this type.

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