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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The A590is- Canon's Digital Camera

By Don Bethune

Digital cameras are just like normal cameras but with more features that make digital cameras easier to use. With just a quick skim through the owners manual, combined with having a few knowledgeable friends, you can quickly begin to take great pictures. One of the biggest differences is that, unlike regular film cameras, you can immediately see the pictures you take with a digital camera.

Based on a combination of the features and cost of the camera, the Canon A590is is the best camera on the market. Here are some of the features that makes the camera great: a 2.5" LCD screen, face detection technology, the New Easy Mode, 4x optical image-stabilized zoom. Images are captured to a SD card and the camera uses AA batteries. Best of all, despite its low price, the camera has 8.0-megapixels.

The SD card that the camera captures images to is not included, although you can pick one up for $20-60. The cards come in different sizes, which refers to the amount of memory space, not the actual size of the card.

The new easy mode allows you to start taking pictures without reading the owner's manual. The camera takes care of the settings, allowing you to take beautiful pictures without needing any additional expertise. This makes the camera perfect for novices.

With the 4x optical zoom, the camera is able to take close-ups, even from a far away distance. And because of the 8-megapixels, you won't always need to zoom, and your close ups will still come out beautiful and clear

Due to the camera len's motion detection technology, your pictures will always come out clear. The camera will make changes in its settings, based on how fast the subject is moving, so what you see is exactly that will come out.

Two other key features of the camera are red-eye correction and face detection. The red-eye correction mode will prevent red-eyes to appear in your subjects' eyes. You can also go back to other pictures and take the red-eyes out. With face detection, you can be sure the faces you are taking a picture of come out clear, because your camera will focus on it.

All of the reviews for the Canon590is have been positive, because of the combination of low price and great features. This camera will appears to all those who want an easy way to take lasting pictures and those who don't want spend their savings on a complicated camera.

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