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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Digital Photographer's Essential Accessory? Storage Cards!

By Sylvia Howard

While old style cameras required photographic film, modern digital cameras necessitate memory cards as their most important accessory. The memory that is inbuilt in most cameras in only enough for a tiny number of photos, so you will need one or more storage cards at all costs.

Don't stop at getting a single memory card for your digital camera, though. There are several reasons why you should get more than just one. For starters, digital camera memory cards are cheap and don't take up any space, and having several will greatly improve your chances to take more and better pictures.

If you are about to take a vacation in remote places where you will be unable to transfer the images, and with no shops readily available in the vicinity, you will quickly appreciate the freedom of not having to ration your pictures.

In fact not having to think twice every time that you press the shutter will turn you into a bolder photographer. You will find that several risky pictures and framings give great results, which is why digital camera memory cards will make you a more experienced and ultimately better photographer.

Also, most digital cameras have a setting that will allow you to take three simultaneous pictures of the same subject - one slightly underexposed and another overexposed - and here also you will be able to choose the best one.

Imagine being in a remote location and being able to take a daily average of two hundred of pictures of interesting subjects, and not of twenty. Would that make a difference on the way that you photograph?

Extra digital camera memory cards will also diminish the risk that you will fill up the available storage and that you will have to delete great pictures to make space for new ones.

So as you can see, there are several reasons why extra digital camera memory cards as accessories is a sensible proposition. When you buy them, be especially attentive to getting the ones that are the right format for your camera, there are several manufacturers and not all storage cards are compatible across cameras.

Regarding the amount of memory, nowadays storage cards range from one to 32 GB and more. You should take as much memory as you may need and then some more, spread over two or three cards for redundancy.

Also, if you are going with multiple memory cards as part of your digital camera accessories, you should also consider a card reader, which will allow you to seamlessly transfer your pictures from the card to a PC, or even directly to a digital photo printer, via a USB connection.

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