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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Create Realistic Imagery with the Canon PowerShot A1000IS

By Matt Ryan

Canons PowerShot cameras have been impressing consumers for years. The PowerShot A1000IS will be no different. With many of the same features, some new features, a sleek design, and a low sticker price - the A1000IS is possibly the camera purchase of the year. The A1000IS is much smaller than its predecessors, yet offers a zoom lens that has never been offered on a compact point-and-shoot camera. The A1000IS will give consumers vivid pictures for all occasions.

This 10-megapixel point-and-shoot camera has a 4x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 35-140mm. Canon did an impeccable job implementing this type of lens on such a compact piece of equipment, and kept a fairly elegant appearance as well.

The 2.5-inch TFT color LCD display provides consumers with an extremely realistic review of their videos and stills. Some features of the A1000 are an optical viewfinder (new for the PowerShot cameras), DIGIC III processor, numerous different shooting modes, face detection, red eye correction, and more. The optical imager stabilizer, for example, works to eliminate the blur caused by hand, lens, or camera shake.

There are 17 different shooting modes offered on the PowerShot A1000IS. These modes make it easier to capture those spontaneous moments without having to worry about adjusting settings for proper exposure. Easy and auto mode are the best for your every day pictures. ISO 3200 offers amazing setting, and outcomes, for scenes that are not well lit, yet you cannot use a flash.

The DIGIC III image processor not only helps with power management, but also is the brains behind the operation of vivid imagery. Face detection technology would not provide such precise settings - focus, exposure, flash - without it. Power management features allow you to continue taking pictures longer than many other cameras would allow. The Red Eye Reduction has improved with DIGIC III, as the camera works to remove red eye prior to storing the image.

Face detection also offers an added bonus. Consumers can select a particular subject, or face, in a given shot. The camera will automatically focus on that face, even as it moves around in the frame.

Motion detection technology is great for capturing children and animals. This feature detects movement and adjusts settings appropriately to reduce blur. Typically, the ISO settings are adjusted, but this saves you from having to manually change the settings and risk losing the picture.

Upon purchasing a PowerShot A1000IS, you will receive two AA batteries, SD memory card (32MB), wrist strap, USB cable, AV cable, and the necessary software. There is no need to make additional purchases to begin using your new camera. The wrist strap will be needed as there is no longer a rubberized grip on the camera; if you hand gets sweaty it could easily slip away.

With the A1000IS, you will get durability and dependability. You can even choose between four colors, purple, silver, brown, and blue. The A1000IS also has an appealing price tag at $149. If you are looking for a point-and-shoot camera that produces exceptionally crisp images, the Cannon PowerShot A1000IS is worth looking at.

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