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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tips For Choosing A Digital Camera Lens

By Ken Dragki

When there is a shorter focal length, the field of view becomes wider, providing more scenes for your camera to capture. When you increase the focal length, the actual field of view becomes narrower.

When shopping for a Digital SLR Camera people often overlook or skimp on the camera's lenses. Camera Lenses serve as the digital SLR cameras "eye," the lens determines what and how your camera will see your subject and how well that view is transmitted to the camera's sensor chip for recording.

If you get the "fixed-length lens", there is a tendency that you will be required to move around when getting your shot. Of course, over a certain time, this will already help you make better compositions. Prime lenses also possess a wider type of maximum aperture, making it easier to get sharper shots, especially under low lighting.

Macro Lenses are give you detail as they enable you to get up close and personal with your subject. These types of lenses are used for extreme close ups on small objects like daisies, pennies, and food but not limited to these types of subjects. Examples of macro lenses are 50mm and 100mm macros. These lenses are also great for selective focus types of photos.

One problem with wide-angle lenses is known as convergence, a distortion that makes vertical structures appear to lean toward the center of the frame. A way to check if the wide-angle lenses you are interested in has convergence is to take test pictures before buying the lens. With high quality wide angles lenses like Canon L series lenses address this convergence issue well. Examples of wide-angle lenses are 15MM, 17mm, 24mm and 28mm lenses.

Zoom lenses can give you flexibility and versatility all in one lenses. When buying a zoom lens try and get one that is made of glass and is the fastest you can afford, you will not regret it. Prime Lens should possess a longer type of zoom lens or a lone focal length between 35mm up to 85mm.

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