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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alarm Systems Offer House Safety

By Nicholas Halmond

Home security systems come in different varieties. They can be electric or battery-powered, wired or wireless, indoor or outdoor. They may come with extra features that you might find useful. No matter what kind of home you live in, there are burglar alarm systems that can work for you.

The hub of an alarm system is the security control panel. With a simple pass code (just a short series of numbers) and a few button presses, you can activate and deactivate the alarm system. Sensors placed on your doors and windows will tell you when they have been opened and, if the system is on, active the alarm.

A security system allows you to activate certain sensors and deactivate others. If you want to open a window on a hot day, all you need to do is use the control panel to deactivate the sensor for that window. Then when you open the window, you will not set off the alarm. The process requires only that you remember simple button sequences.

Burglar alarm systems often come with motion sensors. Unlike the sensors that are attached to doors and windows to detect when they have been opened, motion sensors detect movement within an area. Some systems also involve the use of video surveillance linked directly to your television. This is more expensive than a standard alarm system, but it gives you the added benefit of being able to see the intruders and can be a valuable tool in case a burglary actually happens.

Wired security systems use your home's electricity to remain active. If your area suffers frequent power shortages, your home will be vulnerable during these periods of no electricity. Battery-powered systems do not have that disadvantage. Since they use batteries, they will always be running as long as they have enough battery power. However, you must check the power supply regularly. If the system's batteries are empty, it will be useless. Which type of system is more effective really depends on your specific needs.

If you move from house to house a lot, a portable alarm system might be more useful for you. Portable alarm systems are battery-powered and easier to install. If you tend not to live in one place for a long period of time, you would benefit more from a portable system than a wired system.

Some security systems cover outdoor security as well. These systems use motion detectors and floodlights. When the detectors sense movement around your home, they will activate the floodlights to scare off any potential intruders. Older systems can be activated by small animals, but newer ones ignore anything below a certain size, so false alarms are less common.

Burglar alarm systems deter home invasion. Insurance may reimburse your losses in case of a burglary, but a security system can prevent the crime from ever occurring. Most systems are easy to install and take only a few hours. You can install them yourself or have a professional do it. Alarm systems are effective, and you can relax knowing that if someone does try to enter your home uninvited, you will be alerted immediately.

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