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Monday, July 27, 2009

Digital Camera Buying Tips

By Scott Morgan

Camera shopping and don't know which one to get? You are not alone as many people often wonder what the best brand of camera is. Best Buy, Walmart, and Target have an electronics isle with hundreds of cameras to choose from, but don't let price determine your decision as there are many other factors to a good digital camera.

Before the digital camera boom, there were only a few camera brands that were successful. Now there are thousands of imported brands that tout cheap prices and great features. The question we have for these new companies is if they have truly passed the test of time.

Although there has been a big digital camera boom, there is still something to be said of the brands that have been around for a while. Even though there are tons of brands, many of them are made with cheap materials to lower the cost. This in turn will lower the quality of lenses and other camera materials.

What makes these brands better than the competition? Canon and Nikon use high quality materials and even just holding one of these brands compared to another cheaper brand is like light and day. Canon and Nikon cameras are often heavier and don't have the "cheap" feel of the other brands. They also are masters at capturing color and shadows as they produce the best camera lenses in the world.

Resolution and color capture should be the biggest things that determine if a camera is high quality or not. Nikon and Canon are masters of this as you can see with picture comparisons of other camera brands.

Although the prices are higher, you will be way more satisfied with a digital SLR camera made by Nikon or Canon. These cameras will last a lot longer without breaking, and will produce the high quality pictures that will last a life time.

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