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Monday, July 27, 2009

Digital Camera Accessories: Select Them Like A Pro

By Sylvia Howard

Capturing a moment is best done with a digital camera in this time and age, but besides the apparatus you also need to know if you need any accessories, and how to choose them. You may be a digital photography fan or just an occasional user, but in both cases you will be able to tell the story of a moment that cannot be brought back.

Digital photography allows you to touch many lives through images of beauty and art which will be able to take and to keep in electronic format. People who are very good at it have started out with this as a hobby but some even managed to turn it into a profession!

Digital camera accessories are also not limited to high-end SLR cameras, as there is a wide set of extras that will help you improve your technique and that will allow you to take better pictures even if you own a humble compact digital camera.

Although the variety of camera accessories is great, some are more exotic and meant mainly for pros. But certain accessories are of great use to everyone. Here are the most common ones:

The first probable investment for your digital camera will probably be the camera bag, which is where you place all the equipment that you need when you are location shooting but also when you are traveling, and it would also serve as your basic case where all your photography equipment is stored and protected. It is also one of the most inexpensive accessories that you may ever buy and add to this is that they enable you carry and protect the expensive equipment that you carry around.

Camera bags are available in several specifications, from the simple hold-all to the specialized compartmented SLR backpack. You can of course carry your camera in any kind of bag, but a padded, purpose-made item is a wise buy.

Of all the digital camera accessories, perhaps the camera tripod of the most useful - it reduces camera shake and therefore the likelihood of a blurred picture, especially in low light conditions, and allows you to take pics from unusual angles. Tripods may seem bulky at first, but bear in mind that a great majority of tripods are either foldable or retractable and should be able to fit in most of the medium size to larger camera bags.

Don't forget to check if your camera screws onto the tripod when acquiring a new one, or you will have to buy another!

The next most useful kind of digital camera accessories are probably those who prolong your picture-taking. Both extra batteries and storage cards fall into these categories. Batteries allow you to take pictures for longer without recharging the camera and are fundamental in faraway locales, while extra storage cards are great for sports photography, when you will need to take a whole lot of pictures.

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