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Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Underwater Video Cameras: What to Consider Before Buying

By James Brown

Finding the best underwater video cameras in the market can be as gruelling as picking the right outfits in your closet. Oceans, seas and lakes are great venues to capture memories; and in some aspect, these are also the places where great and wonderful occasions are housed and done.

Thus if you have plans to purchase an underwater video camera, there are some things that needs to be taken into consideration. Perhaps these are a few dilemma questions you have in mind right now. Is there such a thing as best underwater video cameras? Do I need to spend more just to have one for myself?

We consumers have these questioning dilemmas before purchasing anything. And basically its a good thing to do prior to buying. If you are in this doubt cloud, let me enlighten you with some tips and facts that I think might help you evaluate things before beaming up to your nearest gadget store.

Tip #1: DECIDE WHETHER TO BUY A VIDEO CAMERA OR A SEPARATE HOUSING. There are video cameras that can stand alone under and above water. Whereas, there are also a variety that you can simply concentrate on buying a waterproof exterior instead of the gadget itself. Thus, if you already have an existing video camera then I recommend you search if a possible housing would be made available. But if you are still considering buying an underwater video camera, then I suggest you look for trusted camera brands that can withstand the water even without a faade in place. To name a few would be the Olympus SW Series, Sanyo and Canon.

Tip #2: WEIGH THE USE OF THE VIDEO CAMERA. The use of the video camera is for you to decide. If you already quantified how you will make use of it then the functionalities follow and you can filter out the brands. If you are just planning to buy a camera for the sake of video recordings while snorkelling perhaps, then Panasonic and Sanyo camcorders is suitable for this. They have recording hours that can last up to five hours. If you decide on rather a pro recording experience alongside with the video quality then Sea Viewer is perfect for the task. Thus you need to weigh because alongside the functionalities is the gadgets price. The more superior it is the more expensive it will be.

Tip #3: CHECK THE VIDEO CAMERAS BUILT IN UTILITIES. Video cameras with the different manufacturers offer multitude of functionalities that are unique on their end. There are some brands that offer this utility that cant be found with the other video camcorders. When you already identified the use of the gadget, then check if the functionalities suit the purpose. For instance, if you have plans to go on scuba diving and explore the undersea several depths below carrying a Panasonic video camera would be of no use since it only allows up to five feet.

Tip #4: CHECK, REVIEW AND COMPARE. Video cameras with the different companies offering such somehow have quite the same built in default functions. They only have a handful of edge over the other competitions. Thus, if you already have that camcorder in mind, it would be very helpful to check on its reviews and some user ratings and comments. This will not only help you assess how good or bad the product is but will also give you an overview on the things to expect once you already purchase it. Being contemptuous is fine as long as you get your moneys worth. In addition, compare the brand towards the other brands and evaluate if this one is way better than the next and vice versa.

So try these helpful tips and maybe you can set your mind on what camera you would really like and need. Perhaps the best underwater cameras so far are the ones that you chose for yourself, perform the functions you like and need with the convenience you deserve. Thus, before you decide to purchase one, make sure you have your own standards ready.

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