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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Accessories For Your Camera

By Chris Drake

If you own a digital camera, then you know you need to own digital camera accessories. Much like a film camera, the accessories you have for your camera can enhance your pictures. But there are other parts you may not think of as accessories for your digital camera.

You have memory cards, readers, batteries as well as plug in cords, tripods, flash, lenses, and more. And every piece can be vital to your project, no matter how big or small. The more you have, the more you can play with, but that doesnt mean that more is better.

Memory cards are important digital camera accessories. The more memory you have, the more pictures you can take. Or maybe you can have a higher quality picture. A photograph taken with a 10MP resolution will take up more space than one taken in a 5.1 MP resolution.

A bigger card will help you store more pictures. Card readers can help you transfer your pictures from the memory card to your computer, even if you dont have the cords or wires needed to do that. Batteries are vital, as most digital cameras suck the life out of regular batteries, so getting the best batteries for your camera is important.

Then you have digital camera accessories that you may have used with your film camera. Tripods, to hold your camera still, are a very important tool to the professional photographer that specializes in portraits. Different flash bulbs for different situations can make or break the photo.

There are different kinds of lenses, some where you can zoom in on someones nose thats 500 feet away! You also have filters, shades, and other accessories that can come in handy when you try to take a picture at Little Joeys birthday party or while sitting at your local sporting event.

Getting the right digital camera accessories for your camera can differ from person to person. For example, a single man in his mid-30s may be happy with a point and shoot camera with a digital zoom, satisfied with the pictures he gets.

Meanwhile a 22-year old mother of one may live for the flexibility, control, and professionalism the full service digital camera has to offer. Its a matter of picking what you want for your camera, and making that camera an extension of yourself as opposed to having it be a tool that you dont know how to really take advantage of.

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