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Monday, March 16, 2009

What Is LCD Technology?

By Tech Suave

LCD technology may sound unusual, but in reality it's used by us every day. LCD technology is used in stereos, personal computer monitors, microwave ovens, digital clocks and calculators. Today, the technology is also being employed in high-tech flat screen TV sets and video monitors that produce unbelievably clear photographs.

LCD screens function by obstructing light. The crystals control the lightness of light as it's broadcast thru the glass. An electric charge is applied, and the crystals react to it, revolving to permit the light to pass thru the sections of glass. The LCD display is made from pixels and is illuminated by a florescent bulb that sends white light thru the glass panes.

Each pixel can produce about 16,000,000 colours. Liquid crystal display TVs offer masses of advantages to viewers. They provide superior lightness and contrast capacity far better than anything provided by conventional cathode ray Television sets.

Flat screen LCD sets also feature a 160 degree viewing angle, so that watchers will see everything from just about any location in the room. As the contrast quality is so good, spectators do not have to fret about turning off all of the lights in the room to get a good picture. Lamps don't produce a glare on an LCD flatscreen set. Another bonus with an LCD set is that most models come equipped with tuners and speakers. All you must do is plug the set in, and it is good to go.

The radio receivers and speakers are built in, which means no extra parts like set-top boxes or receivers are needed. This makes the liquid crystal display set ideal for homes that do not have much space to spare for a large TV that needs extraneous hardware. LCD sets are provided to display high definition television and standard television.

They can handle any sort of video format, and most come supplied with inputs for S-video, part video, and composite video. Most LCDs offer about sixty thousand hours ( or about 20 years ) of viewing, making them a good investment. They go on longer than plasma sets. The bulb is a critical factor in the LCD set, as it's responsible for picture and color quality. Before making an investment in one of these sets, check into brands and model types.

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