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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thermal Camera Uses

The use of thermal cameras has expanded over the years, once widely used only for surveillance and security, the current technology has made these cameras serve many other useful purposes.

The infra red technology which detects heat energy can detect the minute temperature changes and this is generated as an image on a screen. The thermal imaging camera can easily identify hot or cold spots by measuring surface temperature variations. This ability to monitor the slightest change in temperatures is being used to:

  • Assess problems in electrical wiring by detecting changes in temperature along electrical circuits
  • Rapidly identify areas of missed insulation
  • Detect energy losses either due to air leaks or breaks in the walls
  • Detect areas of moisture accumulation in the walls, roofs and ceiling
  • Detect excessive heating in engines, mechanical devices

The portable thermal imaging cameras can be transported to the site and can quickly detect the spots of trouble. Many of these cameras have storage capabilities and image display monitors.

These cameras are the ideal tool for workers who have to constantly monitor electrical circuits and temperature adjustments.

All portable thermal cameras require AA batteries which allow for at least 4-6 hours of shelf life. The cost of these cameras starts around $ 2500-3000.

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