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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worst Four Discount Digital Cameras Buying Mistakes

By Jake Sanders

People make mistakes and most Camera Buying is a living testament to that statement. Most people thought that if they knew about Megapixel and Zoom stuff then they dont have to worry the other features- which proved to be a terrible mistake. So before you purchase that Digital Camera in your head, here are the four mistakes in buying Digital Camera that you might want to avoid encountering.

1. Purchasing the Camera without using it first

Reviews, Specs, Features, and Comparisons are some of the basis in buying Digital Camera today and people seem to be easily caught up with this presentation. You need to like the camera first. Even if you order it online, the best advice I could give you is to hit your local camera store first and handle the camera model you have set eyes upon. The cameras online are presented with extra-emphasis littered with flowery word to seduce you but meeting that camera model beforehand will make that big difference. Try to do specific tasks, and see how hard the camera controls are to navigate.

2. Buying the Most Expensive Model

It is said that prices comes with corresponding quality based on how expensive the purchase is. Sure, who wouldnt choose the coolest, slickest, and sophisticated-looking cameras if you can afford it? But make sure it fits you. For example, if you're new to photography you sure you can maneuver those advanced digital SLR boasting lots of manual controls? I dont think so. It's better to look within your budget, but focus on finding the best camera for your specific needs.

3. Megapixels Exclusivity

A 10.2 Megapixel camera will prove attractive beside a 7.2 Digital Camera Model. It is only natural because we want the best to meet our expectations but also remember that Megapixel shouldnt be the only consideration. You can find 10.2 megapixel cameras that have only 3x zoom while some 7.2 models have four. And 10.2 megapixel pictures consume more space than that of 7.2s in your computer. Think beyond megapixels, because another feature (such as zoom) could be much more important for you.

5. Unsure of What You Want in a Digital Camera

Before purchasing that digital camera, you should know and why do you want that specific model. Because if you only buy camera for the sake of having a camera then thats worst than ordering food for the sake of having food. You need to know what uses or features you want the most reflecting your lifestyle. Consider making a list of your three most important features, and then rank them. That way, you can work on finding a camera that meets those needs first, and worry about extra features later.

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