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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pentax Optio E70 Digital Compact Camera Review

By Dan Feildman

Pentax has launched the Optio E70 digital camera. This cracking 10 megapixel digital camera has a simple to use interface with large visible size buttons. Discover it's simplicity highlighted by - the 'Green' shooting mode, which permits the digital camera to have the control over the key shooting settings.

Even though the digital camera is newbie user minded, it possesses features such as 7 shooting modes, Super-Fast Face Detection and the triple anti-shake protection.

The Pentax Optio E70 runs on normal AA alkaline batteries but always think rechargeable batteries if you use your camera a lot. This digital camera also has a really flush face and with nothing protruding from the lens, making this a pretty neat little digital camera.

So just why is the Optio E70 digital camera such an ideal camera for newbie digital photographers? Wee the list in long, but what most impressed me were the large visible icons presented on the LCD monitor and the simple way of setting your modes and functions. The operational status is no longer a complicated issue and you will soon be hooked to your Optio E70 digital camera, which will produce some of the best digital images you would have ever seen.

What really highlights this compact digital camera as newbie use friendly is the Pixel Track SR mode, used for taking still images. This helps to compensates for shaky blurred type digital photos due to the processing of these images with the aid of some new Pentax exclusive software.

What about poor lighting conditions? This digital camera comes fully complete with a high-Sensitivity SR mode to improve still photography, as this digital camera can automatically increase its sensitivity up to an incredible ISO 6400, setting a higher shutter speed.

Optimum image quality is guaranteed due to the Optio E70 digital compact camera's 10 amazing megapixels and has really hit an all time record in this range of digital cameras, which you won't see in many other digital cameras available. Add that to the new imaging engine with an immense processing capacity, plus the incredible high-performance Pentax lens, assuring optimum quality digital photos with awesome sharpness.

The Optio E70 digital compact camera has started it's short life with a lot of good press and I see thumbs up all over digital photography websites.

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