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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Buy A Digital Camera

By Michael Thompson

A really good digital camera is what everyone is looking for, and getting a good camera starts with knowing what you need. Imagine spending $150 and feeling great about the deal you got, but you then realize that this camera is not enough for which you need! Here are some of the things you need to know about in order to choose the right cheap digital camera.

The megapixel tells you only how many megapixels the camera has. The reason camera salesman talk about the megapixel is because it's an easy point of reference to try to upsell you. The reality is that the lens quality and the light sensors make a more significant impact than the megapixels. The thing is, it's hard for a consumer to understand all of the differences between lens quality and light sensors.

The 3.1 mega pixel prints a perfect 8x10, but the new standard is 7-8 mega pixels. Unless you are a pro photographer, then anything over 3.1 is great. Consider a camera in the 6 pixel range. You can get a super price.

The next thing you wanted to is pick the right physical configuration of the camera. You may be spending more than you need if you buy more camera than you can handle. The pro models are very cool, but be realistic about what you are going to do with the camera!

A Digital Single Lens Reflex typically has a larger body and a detachable lens. For many of you reading this article, the DSLR camera is more camera than you'll ever need. Here are the pros, the DSLR will take better pictures. The con is that this will take much more time to learn to use.

Point-and-shoot cameras are smaller, the lens is usually attached, and the lens actually retracts back into the camera base. These are the cameras sold at all big box retailers and electronic stores. You can find many in the few hundred dollar range.

The pros with a point and shoot camera. The prices are much cheaper and affordable. Cons-the camera may not be repairable and goes out of date quickly. Usually is cheaper to just replace the camera instead of repairing.

Think for a few minutes about what kind of camera you need. Knowing that the mega pixel range these days is more than the average person needs. Talk with others that own cameras, and be honest with yourself about the realities of what you are going to do with the camera.

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