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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cal Sensors offers high-sensitivity thermal imaging array

Cal Sensors offers high-sensitivity thermal imaging array

-- Test & Measurement World, 2/5/2009 7:00:00 AM

Extending its line of lead salt detectors, Cal Sensors has introduced the LIRA5S, a lead selenide (PbSe) thermal-imaging array that boasts high sensitivity and a wide wavelength range. The device combines a 256-element multiplex array and an ROIC (readout integrated circuit) in a standard 28-pin package.

The LIRA5S can be used in a variety of high-speed thermal-imaging applications, including hot-spot detection in manufacturing and assembly process lines. It is sensitive in the wavelength region of 1.0 µm to 5.5 µm. Data readout speed is 4 MHz, allowing for fast data analysis.

"LIRA5S can measure up to 256 discrete thermal points and provides sensitivity at longer wavelengths than alternative detector materials, such as InGaAs, which enables accurate temperature measurements of cooler objects," said Brian Elias, director of engineering at Cal Sensors. "Previously, lead selenide arrays with this type of sensitivity were created only for customized solutions and required external electronic systems, as well as several months lead time to produce. LIRA5S provides design engineers with superior sensitivity, extended wavelength, and integrated electronics in an industry-standard package with two to four weeks lead time."

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