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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GigE Vision a new camera interface standard


GigE Vision is a new camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol.  GigE Vision™ is the 1st standard to allow for rapid image transfer using low cost standard cables over very long lengths.  With GigE Vision™, hardware & software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections. 

The standard was developed for industry, by a selected group of companies representing every sector of the vision industry. The Automated Imaging Association (AIA) oversees the ongoing development and administration of the standard.

GigE Vision™ offers lots of benefits including:

  • High bandwidth (1000 Mbps) allows large uncompressed images to be transferred quickly in real time
  • Uncompromised data transfer up to 100m in length
  • Standard gigabit Ethernet hardware allows single/multiple camera connection to single/multiple computers
  • Low cost cables (CAT5e or CAT6) & standard connectors
  • Highly scalable to follow the growth of Ethernet bandwidth. As 10GigE becomes mainstream, GigE Vision™ will be the fastest connection in the industry
  • Standard hardware, cables allow easy, low cost integration

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