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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nikon D90 - An Amateurs Dream Camera

By Matt Ryan

Whether you are looking for an easy to use camera, with a minimal learning curve, or a more professional camera for crisp photographs, Nikons D90 fits the bill. With many improvements, from predecessors, and over the years, Nikon has nearly perfected the middle ground camera. Amateurs and professionals can agree that this camera is full of user-friendly features and produces amazing images.

Measuring in at 5.2-inches x 4.1-inches x 3.0-inches, this is nowhere near a compact, pocket size, point-and-shoot camera. Nor is it as large and bulky as many professional cameras. Regardless of size, the curvy design makes the camera fit nicely in the palm of your hand. The D90 was designed ergonomically as all buttons, and functions, are easily reached with the use of one hand.

Even though Nikon has always provided users with a nice user interface, they took an extra step when designing the interface of the D90. All consumers, whether they are familiar with cameras or not, can easily find their way around the D90 and re-touch images on the spot. RAW development and straightening are features available, through re-touching, right through the camera itself.

On the back of the camera is a 3.0-inch VGA monitor, which displays over 900,000 colors. The resolution, in concatenation with the technology and coloration, provides consumers with vivid, crisp imagery.

The display also offers 170-degree wide-angle functionality for your viewing pleasure. Viewing and reviewing both video playbacks, and still images has never been more clear. Navigation, through media files, is nearly effortless with a 72-image calendar display. (Calendar display lays images and videos out in chronological order.)

Live View offers consumers a new way of taking pictures and video. With this functionality, users can select from 11 different autofocus modes. Some of these modes are single, dynamic, and face. Each of these focus, in different ways, to provide you with your desired outcome. For spotless images, Nikon implemented sensor cleaning. This functionality automatically removes dust particles, from internal sensors, so there are not spots on images and videos.

Different lighting can affect images in ways that can be frustrating. The D90 allows users to change ISO settings, appropriate to your surrounding light, from as low as 200 to as high as 3200. This range will cover nearly any lighting atmosphere. Additionally, 3-D Color Matrix Metering II automatically adjusts focus, WB, and exposure for the perfect outcome.

The combination of Nikons Expeed image processing and 12.9-megapixel CMOS sensor gives consumers the ability to produce high quality images with every click. The perfection, that these technologies produce, allow users to manipulate images (larger and smaller) without distorting the beauty.

A first, in the world of cameras, is the integration of digital SLR. This technology produces HDTV (720p) quality and allows for the capture of up to 23 frames per second. For the first time ever consumers can capture personal events and share them, with family, in the highest quality possible.

Whether you are looking for a professional or amateur camera, the Nikon D90 is the perfect solution. For only around $1,000, you can pick up this feature packed digital camera. Enjoy taking still images, along with video memoires with your new D90.

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