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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thermal profiles captured instantly with IR camera

The latest digicam-IR camera from Ircon allows assessment of the effectiveness of thermal management within electronic enclosures by taking temperature measurements from a physical model. The camera provides instant snap-shots of surface temperature profiles on enclosures or PCBs.

The camera can be used in product development to optimise thermal design, as well as in production, test, quality control and preventive maintenance environments. It offers 12bit resolution and accuracy of +/- 2 degrees C or +/-2% of full scale, over a temperature range from 0 to 600 degrees C.

The camera can produce120 x 120pixel thermal images in less than 1.5s. It has an integral 100mm LCD and up to 140 images can be stored in its 4Mbyte removable ATA flash card.

The accompanying software allows direct connection from the camera to a computer. There is a standard RS232 output and selectable video output for NTSC or Pal intuitive controls. Windows-based image analysis software helps make the camera easy to use.

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