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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thermal Imaging Cameras integrate with Pocket PC or PC

Heat Spy[R] Imager can locate hot spots as well as indicate surface temperatures and delta-T. Emissivity, [degrees]F/C/K temperature scale, color palette, and image integration can be set before and changed after taking thermal picture. Each thermal picture, saved in memory, is automatically date and time stamped. Users can record details of inspection in Pocket Word document or Notes. Standard camera has 20[degrees] field of view and temperature range of -10 to 300[degrees]C.


Asheville, NC - October 7th, 2005 - Wahl Instruments, Inc announces their New Heat Spy[R] Thermal Imaging Cameras. The Heat Spy[R] Imager (HSI) cameras will set the standard for high value cameras due to their capabilities and low price. Companies can now easily justify buying one or more Thermal Imaging Cameras which can be used by anyone in minutes.

The Wahl Heat Spy[R] Imager when integrated with a Pocket PC or PC, has the same ability as the expensive thermal imaging cameras to locate hot spots and indicate surface temperatures. In addition, it indicates the delta-T. Just scan target area, place hottest spot at center of PC's screen, indicated by a circle, and turn on laser. The HSI laser points to the hot spot shown on the screen identifying the problem and indicating the temperature. In addition, you can check any of the pixels on the screen which will tell you the temperature of up to ten pixels simultaneously, and the delta-T of any two pixels the User selects. You can also save the image into memory with complete ability to review every pixel and temperature differentials later.

Temperature range and sensitivity can be set manually or automatically. Emissivity, temperature scale in [degrees]F, [degrees]C and K, color palette and image integration, can be set before and changed after taking a thermal picture. Each thermal picture, saved in memory, is automatically date and time stamped. You can write a descriptive label for the picture for easy retrieval later, and while using a Pocket PC, record details of your inspection in a Pocket Word document, or Notes. Voice recording is another way to document your comments. Then auto sync and export this information to your PC for report generating.

The Wahl Heat Spy[R] Imager is ergonomically designed, flexible, lightweight and easy to learn and use. Additional accessories including a Pocket PC, choice of two handles, digital photographic camera and a rechargeable camera light. Also, a neck strap to prevent from dropping camera. The Standard camera has a 20[degrees] field of view and a temperature range of -10/300[degrees]C .Cameras are also available in high accuracy, high temperatures up to 1000[degrees]C (1832[degrees]F), and for long distances with a 10[degrees] field of view lens. The cameras are CE approved and come with software, 2m RS232 connection cable, AC power adaptor, 4-AA alkaline batteries, rugged carrying case, user manual and a one-year warranty.

This product is a valuable diagnostic tool for predictive and preventive maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, the Heat Spy Imager allows corrective actions to be taken before expensive failures happen. Wahl Heat Spy[R] Imager can be used for inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment. Also, pipes on buildings, boilers and furnaces for insulation, tank levels, wet roof insulation, or process equipment failure, and many other applications.

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