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Monday, February 4, 2008

Spherical Vision

The Ladybug®2 is the next generation of spherical digital video cameras from Point Grey Research. The system has six cameras that enable the system to collect video from more than 75% of the full sphere, and an IEEE-1394b interface that allows streaming to disk at 30fps.

  • The Ladybug2 is composed of a Head unit and a solid state Compressor unit; a separate storage unit is no longer required.
  • The Compressor unit is connected to the camera Head unit via a high-speed fiber-optic link. The Compressor can be connected to any standard PC with IEEE-1394 capability. A 1394b interface provides the ability to stream raw, uncompressed data to the PC at 15 FPS.
  • The Ladybug2 SDK can be used to control the system, preview live images and retrieve and process previously recorded data.
Head Unit
  • Six 1024x768 color sensors
  • Five CCDs are positioned in a horizontal ring and one points straight up
  • High quality 2.5mm micro lenses
  • Multiple frame rates
  • Proprietary 1.2Gbps optical link to Compressor unit provides ability to stream images at up to 30FPS
  • Covers approximately 75% of a full sphere
Compressor Unit
  • JPEG compression engine allows user to trade-off image quality for frame rate
  • Compression allows data transfer rates to local hard drive of up to 30FPS
  • In applications where no compression is required, a maximum of 15FPS can be achieved

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