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Monday, February 4, 2008

Censys3D SDK

The Censys3D® Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to provide users with accurate, online, people tracking information in challenging environments. The SDK requires a PGR Stereo Vision camera and allows users to easily integrate robust tracking functionality into their own custom applications. PGR Stereo Vision camera owners can download this SDK for free from our downloads page.

People Tracking
  • Up to 6m x 8m coverage area
  • Tracks people even in crowded conditions - indoors or outdoors
  • Unaffected by shadows and other changes in lighting
Sample Tracking Applications

Using Censys3D® to track shopper movement in the retail environment can help improve both labor management and location layout. The data provides information that will allow users to:

  • Continuously optimize shopper-to-cashier ratios by monitoring the number of shoppers in line.
  • Optimize labor scheduling based on accurate minute-by-minute traffic counts rather than standard transaction counts.
  • Determine display effectiveness through analysis of shopper viewing duration.
  • Optimize product placement in high traffic areas.

Security system developers can benefit from Censys3D®'s capability to:

  • Ensure the security of a restricted area by monitoring its traffic.
  • Ensure foot traffic is moving in the right direction.
  • Identify and eliminate problems with tailgating, loitering and other suspicious behavior

Censys3D® provides the accuracy necessary to:

  • Guard against personnel entering hazardous areas.
  • Ensure that operators are at the minimum safe distance before allowing machines to operate.

Interactive exhibits and displays
Censys3D®'s capability to provide online position information provides developers of interactive exhibits to the capability to ensure optimal dynamic interaction.

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