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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Digital Camera - Find Out Durability Of The Battery

By Ken Dragki

The use of a memory card is dependent on the users camera type, the memory card can be re-used, once saving the required photographs on the computer, or copying them on a CDs etc. The most commonly used card in digital cameras is the 16 MB cards, and most of the digital cameras make use of removable storage memory for the purpose of recording images. Many other features in the cameras can impact the quality of the images they produce, and may be far more important for the typical user to consider than the maximum overall size of each image.

The most important accessory of a digital camera is the memory card. It is used to store the pictures taken on digital cameras. The memory card in the digital camera can be equated with hard disks in computers. The memory card varies in capacity and the additional memory cards are generally either 128 MB or 265 MB. Memory Stick, Compact Flash and Smart Media, etc. are all different type of memory cards.

There are two types of sensors that may be found in cameras: CCD (Charged Couple Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). CMOS sensors are usually found in cheaper cameras and offer lower image quality than a CCD sensor that would probably be found in a more expensive camera.

Most digital cameras offer some sort of zoom, but it is important to identify which type is being provided. Optical zoom functions just as on a film camera, where the lens physically moves to produce the magnification. Digital zoom uses circuitry to enlarge a portion of the standard sized image and crops the content outside of the zoomed area. The quality of images produced using digital zoom suffer due to the nature of the process, and optical zoom is a far more desirable feature.

An array of digital cameras in different brands, models, shapes, sizes, resolution and performance are available in the market. One digital camera can be best selling for its one unique feature, while some other digital camera may have another great feature that makes it special. There are different sets of criterias, on the basis of which the critics, review writers and most importantly the users determine them to be the best sellers.

Always define the purpose of your purchase clearly in your mind before you go out to hunt for your digital camera. You must also know well the restrictions of your budget, if any. And now must go out and look for the best selling cameras and compare their features with your specifications.

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