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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Night Vision Security Cameras

By Damian Salvio

As the name implies, night vision security cameras are used to capture images in darker environments. There are day/night vision cameras that allow you to see intruders trying to enter your home day or night time. These cameras ensure better security to your property.

Most night vision security cameras have infrared LED. Cameras using thermal imaging technique capture the heat emitted by objects to reveal them to the viewer. All humans emit some heat in the form of infrared light. The infrared detectors of the cameras pick these lights and a comprehensive temperature pattern is generated as a thermogram. This thermogram is converted to electrical impulses and a signal processing unit translates these signals into a display. Night vision security cameras using light enhancement involves converting small amounts of light into electrical energy. These electrical signals are amplified and then converted to light and displayed.

The range of night vision security cameras vary considerably. Most small outdoor night cameras cover 7 - 15 meters, whereas most professional security systems cover up to 30 meters. The power of night vision security cameras are represented in Lux rating. Lux rating is the minimum illumination in which a camera can pick up an image. The closer the Lux rating is to 0, the better the camera's performance in low light situations.

Like regular security cameras, night vision security cameras are also capable of sending images to VCR, PC or to a distant destination through the Internet. These images can also be recorded in tape, hard drive or any other storing device. The day/night cameras will have extra sensitive imaging chips which allow them to capture in light situations without using infrared LED. During daytime, they provide color images and during nighttime they provide black and white or green phosphor shades.

Modern night vision security cameras can be used both as indoor and outdoor units. They are provided with weatherproof and waterproof casings made of metals. Most have triggering alarms or lightings which start automatically on seeing any moving object. Many night vision security cameras also have microphones to pick up sounds. A lot of cameras have remote controlling facilities. The price range starts from $80.

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