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Friday, January 1, 2010

Sony, Samsung and Toshiba - A Digital Cameras Best Buys Review

By Angela Sapiana

A Digital Cameras Best Buys review set. There are several digital camera companies that make small point and shoot cameras. Among them have risen Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. Here's our take on where these three digital camera companies sit with their current, best camera.

Samsung's new digital camera, DIGIMAX S1000 is one of my new favorites. For amateur photographers looking for Facebook-style photos, this one requires no focusing. Ahead of its class, the DIGIMAX S1000 comes with a 10.1 mega pixel image. It also offers a customizable "color effect", "highlight" and "photo frame" feature. This is a great camera for the MySpace, Facebook, backyard photographer who is somewhat knowledgeable in digital photography.

Toshiba Digital Cameras: Toshiba cameras are traditionally of very good quality, with excellent memory capacity. If you're annoyed each time you run out of memory, get a Toshiba with an SD card and that shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you don't get one of the High Performance SD cards though, the Toshiba can't read those. I would not recommend these cameras for professional work because they lack the sheer power of Sony - they are great amateur cameras.

Sony Digital Cameras: I have had the most experience with Sony cameras, and feel they are best digital cameras for mid-tier users. Sony's top seller is the Cybershot DSC-T10. It has 7.2 mega-pixel, 3x optical zoom and video mode. It also comes with a basic memory stick storage of 56mb. From an ease of use standpoint, Toshiba reigns mainly because the Sony models always have technical features. While not great, I think you'll find it will do the job for mid-tier users.

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