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Saturday, December 12, 2009

How To Fully Utilize CCTV Cameras For Your Home and Business

By Christoper Kaunisto

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Televsion) is the utilization of video cameras to transmit live recorded data to a set of monitors. Maintained in a closed loop so that there is completely no other system can access. This device is commonly used in places that need monitoring and constant observation.

There are plenty of things that can be monitored with the CCTV cameras: commercial spaces, sites, deposits, safes, offices, restaurants, employees, traffic, own home, flat, children's room, old parking, tourist areas, access areas and any place, room or area of interest that require oversight.

Along with technology development and transition to digital, system costs have fallen considerably. The main criteria for qualification and types of video surveillance systems are:

- Types cameras based on position: indoor and outdoor - Interior room types: miniature, hidden, box, bullet, dome, IP - Types outdoor rooms: box, bullet, dome, wireless - Rooms based on lens types: Wide-angle (large angles) and normal - Room types based on sensor: CMOS, CCD, color, black & white

How does it work?

The CCTV camera registers the information and it sends it to the server. The server collects data and stores or displays them directly on certain screens. Of course, the image can be accessed online, depending on needs and system. If you have one, a server can choose a stand-alone DVR (Stand Alone Digital Video Recorder).

How to realize transmission from the server room?

Method 1: UTP Cable Method 2: coaxial cable Method 3: Wireless Method 4: Fiber Optic

The assessment should to be taken based on the available resources.

Areas of deployment

It can be installed inside and outside. CCTV cameras that are used outdoors should be more resilient than cameras that are indoors. Some cameras are may see in the dark through the use of infrared.

You have to clearly establish where cameras are located, what angles will "see" them and the environment in which they are located. What power supply you use? Camera movement is needed? (left right, up, down, near / far, motion sensor, manual or automatic) What is the distance? All these questions needs to be answered at the time you decide to install a CCTV system.

IP based systems have 32 bit numbers that is unique and perfectly works with CCTV cameras in networked systems. The cameras will be networked so that it can be view globally. This can be done due to the unique IP addresses being provided.

The CCTV cameras are electronically operated and this is the reason they offer a very high quality of the image and all the data is digitally saved on the hard disk. Therefore, there will be no danger of dilapidation of the feature of the image, like it might occur with the analog equipment. The method the user needs to search the images is very sophisticated and it does not look like the analog systems. All the CCTV system is motivated by software and hence you can be able to manipulate a certain moment that interests you right away. You will not need to rewind or fast forward a tape anymore for finding the information that you require.

The utmost significant benefits of the CCTV IP cameras is the capacity of viewing the images almost anywhere in the planet. This will present you the needed peace of mind at the time you are away from your residence. You can check up the house anytime you desire with just some easy clicks.

The CCTV is the future technology that will be most certainly used on a greater scale on the years to come. It is more and more gaining recognition worldwide and there are even big cities that implemented it for the best surveillance of all the areas (London for example). The CCTV camera is a concept that will be very easy expandable in the future and all the security manufacturers will consider it for the next projects. Having a CCTV system installed at your home might be a very good investment, because it will definitely protect your home and the people you love by all potential dangers that might appear when you have no security system installed.

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