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Sunday, December 13, 2009

35mm Digital Cameras: Latest Tips Men Need To See!

By Joel Bingerley

35mm Digital Cameras are a wonderful thing. They allow you to shoot pictures to your hearts content with only a memory card and no film is needed. This I consider a major advancement in technology.

Now, digital cameras did not just come out and they have been out for several years now but have you happen to notice that as old father time moves on the features get more and more unique on the cameras and the price keeps getting better as well.

You will want to first grab a piece of paper or if you like use a spreadsheet to do this work. Now that you have that stuff ready I want you to go to ebay or amazon or any big website and find all of the 35mm digital cameras you can.

Now, you need to find there absolute best ones and forget about the price for now. Just locate them and record there types, brands, makes, models, everything you can about them along with the features too.

Now, once this step is complete I would like you to do that for 10 different 35mm digital cameras and again do not pay attention to the cost yet. Now, after this is completed you will now make another list of affordable digital cameras and make it a list of ten of them from the same website.

You need to just find ten 35mm digital cameras that are affordable to your finances. So, if $200 is affordable then that is your definition. If $1,000 is what's in your budget then that is what you use as a guideline. After the 10 affordable units are located you need to repeat the above steps as far as brand, model and the detailed features as well.

The next step for you is to put a simple circle around all of the unique features you like from the higher priced units. Now please put a star for each feature you like instead of a circle for each of the affordable units that have similar features to the higher priced group of cameras.

After you have done that I want you to now put a star next to each of the affordable camera's that you think looks the best to you. Now, you look at the 10 affordable cameras and count up the stars for each of them and the camera with the most stars s the best deal and most bang for your buck.

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