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Friday, November 6, 2009

Usefulness of the Smallest Digital Camera

By Thomas Glover

Which model is actually the smallest digital camera? That is not a simple question to answer. Digital cameras are slowly getting smaller with each new model, some of which are down to sizes that would have seemed completely impossible 10 years ago. Your next question might be "Are tiny digital cameras as useful as normal sized models?" The answer to that question is a sound yes. Models that are about the same size as your forefinger and that can fit right into the palm of your hand are as viable as standard sized camera models.

Though small models of today's digital cameras are not as viable for professional photography, they are just as good for your standard pictures as their bigger camera alternatives. It is the norm for all digital cameras to come with focus, zoom, flash and zoom. But best part is that they are not as expensive as bigger models. But there is good reason for that.

A large amount of of the smallest digital cameras do not have a lot of built-in space to keep photos, and due to the fact that they are that tiny, you will most likely have to purchase a Micro SD card. These are getting more inexpensive by the month it seems like, so this is not a huge problem. What is a problem is that many miniature digital cameras do not have a built-in screen for you to see the photos that you have taken. This has become a common feature for any normal-sized models so it may be hard to get used to. Not being able to check to see if a picture is perfect can result in some bad photographs.

Additionally, some units also do not have the ability to record movies, which is another familiar feature that has become common in digital cameras. This is one factor that really convinces people not to purchase some of the smallest digital camera, but if you are not worried about with taking videos then it should be not be a big set back.

In actuality, these types of cameras are almost a novelty. They are very cute, and it is a surprise that something that is so small can effectively take high quality pictures. However, they tend to get misplaced easily and some of the discount variations on retailer's shelves can cease to work if dropped a couple of times. They are to be handled with great care. Losing all of the pictures you have kept on a digital camera can be frustrating, if not extremely upsetting.

All in all, the smallest digital camera is certainly an inexpensive alternative your standard-sized, multifunctional camera model. These are fantastic if you are looking for a camera to have to take traveling or to give to a friend or family member. So they are nifty items, but if you are truly serious about photography then it is probably be better to look for a different type.

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