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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slim Digital Cameras And Their Features

By Pat Durrette

Photos are everywhere. We love taking them, sharing them, and viewing them. And of course, we all visit social networking sites that show off our friend's pictures as well. Today, everyone seems to want to chronicle their lives whenever they can. Enter slim digital cameras.

Technology has improved to the point where camera lenses are getting smaller and smaller, but not only that. The parts that allow zoom mechanisms to function are also getting smaller. Memory is also getting smaller as it grows in capacity, and shrinks in price. This technology is making its way to the consumer in many ways, one of the most popular is the digital camera. Everyone is trying to grab onto every moment in their lives with their digital cameras, while they are working harder than ever as well. The large cameras of yesteryear are on the way out. Especially a heavy, large camera with the carrying bag it comes with, and extra batteries, USB cables, extra memory cards and power adapters.

Photo-happy customers want something smaller that easily fits in a purse, or a pocket. The way it used to be, miniaturizing meant a heftier price tag. In modern times we are now seeing the prices are not much different for slim digital cameras than they are for larger models. One common issue with the first slim models to emerge, was the smaller your camera became, the smaller your LCD screen became. LCD technology has come just a long of a way as anything else, which has made LCD screens more affordable on cameras and other things, which in turn makes them standard on small cameras. These days we have slim digital cameras with LCDs as large as 3.2" -- the same size, and in some cases larger, than their bulkier counterparts.

You may be surprised that the slim digital cameras that you see often have the same features that they had even when they were bigger and bulkier: digital and optical zoom, red-eye removal, face detection -- and they have all of this while being markedly smaller. They also have more built-in hard drive space, to sizes up to 8 to 16 gigabytes in only a few years. Some memory cards are SO small that you have to nest them inside a larger adapter to fit into a desktop or laptop PC. And these smaller types of memory cards can still hold over 8 gigabytes.

The world is busy with work, and busy with taking pictures. It just seems that everything really is shrinking in size, and slim digital cameras with decent-sized LCD screens are a testament to that. With a size that allows you to stash your camera in a pocket, you can forget carrying around that cumbersome camera fanny pouch. And these slim digital cameras aren't part of some kind of hybrid cell phone. These cameras are fully-functional and they can do anything that any other type of camera can do just as well. All with a cost that won't need you to finance. It's the "anywhere goes" digital camera!

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