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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monitor Your Safety With Video Security Systems And CCTV Cameras

By Bryon Marwick

For good quality security systems use a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). It varies from broadcasting signal that not openly transmitted so it is usually point-to-point links. Using the video cameras either digital or analog can quickly transmit a signal to a designated portal so that the owner of the system can watch the video feed in actual time, or perhaps do some review after a crime scene occurred. The footage on the video is very helpful because it provides some evidence to the police and that would surely help to solve the crime. There are so many uses of the cameras and some of that are being seen in factories or at the manufacturing facilities where it helps them to ensure rules and regulation are being met and strictly adhered. Thus, it provides evidence of security surveillance to those who opposed to the rules and regulations of the government. The cameras will also serve as the witness to the events that may lead to accidents which results in Workman's Compensation claims or Personal Injury lawsuits. All the accidents can be testifying by providing the recorded injury scene. So having the CCTV really helps in protecting companies from future fraud.

Places like banks, airports, banks, stores, and even casinos that are prone to fraud or any mishaps frequently used CCTV for their surveillance protection. Homeowners as well are also utilizing some hidden cameras in their security systems for their own convenience. Whenever you used staffed surveillance situations CCTV it is much better to do a monitor that has a multiple parts of a location from a central control room with a collection of monitors for a secure and safety process.

CCTV is most frequently used for surveillance in places like banks, airports, banks, stores, and even casinos. Many homeowners also utilize hidden cameras in their security systems. When used in staffed surveillance situations CCTV makes it possible to monitor multiple parts of a location from a central control room with a collection of monitors. Instead of several security guards being stationed in multiple locations, ideally one security guard could survey a bank of monitors receiving a feed from several hidden security cameras. When they noticed something awry, they would investigate and alert the authorities.

In the crime cases that have already occurred, footage from a CCTV camera would be reviewed. Frequently cameras have recorded crimes like kidnappings, unrelated to the business that installed them, and provided leads for investigators. Most CCTV recordings are stored on a hard drive, although older and less expensive cameras record to videocassettes. Storage is a concern, and how long the footage should be kept before being erased is up to the owner of the system. Whether the security system records to video cassettes or directly to a hard drive, the footage is held for a predetermined length of time before being erased, ideally not without determining the camera didn't record anything valuable.

Breakthroughs in technology made it possible to have motion detector and email alerts installed in digital video recorders. Now you can notice the current systems have features of zooming and panning. Emerging cameras and high-definition and can be connected to computers to be able track individuals and objects. This feature is referred to as Video Content Analysis or more commonly known as VCA.

Common use of the CCTV becomes questionable to individual privacy rights against the public interest that they raised. Most of the metropolitan areas cameras are at such a high concentration following a person every move in an entire city block. But beware to those hackers since it is possible for them to exploit the weaknesses in such systems. They can definitely cross feeds or upload unrelated videos that can cause more troubles. Furthermore, cameras are susceptible to tampering. There are some attempts to protect the cameras from vandalism and being neutralized which making them less effective. Other use a laser pointers to temporarily blind a cameras well as broadcasting another wireless signal at the accurate frequency which jam up the camera. Nevertheless, all of these things are easily counteracted with more vigilant placement and manufactures that have features that claimed that it makes the cameras less unsusceptible to vandalism. And now these small limitations cannot affect the volubility of a hidden security camera.

Defend your assets, properties as well as staff or employees especially your loved ones by utilizing closed-circuit television and hidden security cameras as part of your security system.

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