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Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 3 Best Underwater Camera: Review

By Patrik G. Moore

Cameras had reached new horizons and the depth in the field of photography. It has evolved tremendously catering to consumer demands and desires. As of today, the cameras not only take photos but also videos with varying depth, resolution and image size. To our great surprise, there are already underwater cameras that are perfect for water memories. This has completely revolutionized the technology and by far extends its usual limitations.

Since the initial launch of a company to publicize its own underwater camera, camera giants and several colleagues made their own brands as well. For each year, countless underwater cameras have been added, changed or improved making a new mark for each. In fact, if you do a Google search for a specific camera, including the waterproof ones, it will issue over a million hits and hundreds of brands. With this, it occurred to me to give you an initial resolution to solve consumer dilemma and make your choosing much easier. Let me give you the top three underwater cameras and what they can do and what they have.

First on our list would be the SeaLife DC1000. This brand has carved its niche in underwater photography and since then has been setting high standards specifically dedicated to water-based gadgets. Its magic in this latest installment of their wide array of camera is generating vibrant colors irregardless of water origin. Some specifications of this camera includes its sharp 10-megapixel, high-resolution images, a large 2.7"LCD screen, up to 200 feet deep, optical and 5X digital zoom, 4 UW color correction settings perfect for shallow and deep waters, the automatic mode for easy exposure settings, snorkel mode, user-friendly buttons and options coupled with land and sea modes. You can even buy additional accessories to enhance your photography experience.

The second underwater camera that I would suggest for camera enthusiasts would be the Canon Powershot D10. This is the first waterproof camera under the said brand giant. This contains 12.1-megapixel and can cater up to 10 meters of water depth. In addition, this is even shockproof and freeze proof catering up to -10oC. It allows up to 3X optical zoom, smart auto mode with scene detection, image stabiliser, motion and face detection with self timer and auto red-eye correction. Furthermore, it allows a range of shooting and special underwater scene modes.

Third on our list and probably not the least is the Olympus Stylus TOUGH-8000. This is 12-megapixel underwater camera with 3.6X wide zoom lenses. The lens start at 28mm and ends at 102mm. This camera line is shockproof up to 2m, waterproof till 10m, crushproof at 100kg and freeze proof up to -10 oC. Other wonderful technicalities included are its TAP control menu for convenience, face detection, intelligent auto mode that adjusts settings, focus and exposure instantly, easy checking of air and water pressure that can be readily seen on its screen, LED illuminator for underwater lighting purposes and some macro sceneries and even movie and sound recording.

These underwater cameras are the best there is in the market, according to its specifications and image quality. So if you happened to be looking at a probable underwater camera, then it would be best to consult on these cameras first in your local stores and that I'm sure they can do what you want fitting your budget too. So have fun in the water with these exciting underwater cameras and it will surely change your photography experience.

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