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Friday, July 3, 2009

What Are The Advantages To A Helmet Camera And Why Are They Needed For Water Sports Fans?

By Mike Brooks

Tiny point of view cameras which can be attached to a helmet have become a bit of a fad during the last 2 years. These helmet cameras, as they are also nicknamed, are utilized by all sports aficionados right from skydivers to mountain bikers, mountain climbers to ATV riders.

But what actually is a hat camera?

Sometimes called a pov camera, it is a tiny video camcorder designed specially for shooting typically outdoor sports action sequences and other recordings. Confusion sets in as these camcorders go by so many names. All POV cams are attached to the helmets of outdoor sports enthusiasts and thus are also called hat cameras. These helmet cams make use of wide angle lenses which facilitate shooting "in your face" action videos. Since these cameras are hooked up to the helmets, the audience is able to see and feel immersed from the perspective of the main character. Point-of-view or POV camera technology has recently been introduced by many action sports fans and they have also made their way into many job interrelated uses for trainers, security personel, firemen and even a lot of police tactical forces.

These helmet cams are especially created so that they can be fast mounted or taken away from the helmets. This resulting exceptional hands free perspective makes it especially useful to skydivers, cyclists, and motorbike aficionados as they can easily begin recording wonderful videos without need to jeopardize their lives by taking their hands off their sports equipment.

One may begin to think if these POV cams could endure all sorts of natural rough environments. Since these cameras were designed with a "tank tough" purpose in mind, they have been designed to be water resistant, shock resistant, and tough in order that they remain fully functional throughout the user's exploits. Spelunkers will not need to fret about wobbly rubble hitting their point of view cameras, while due to the fact that these cameras are water resistant there should be no need for apprehension about outdoor elemental damage for most sports fans.

Numerous brands of helmet cameras are totally waterproof. Waterproof helmet cams are designed for water based action such as surfing, diving and wind surfing. There is even a brand of HD snorkeling goggle video cameras.

As for cycling fans, their previous "helmet cameras" consisted of full sized camcorders fixed to the helmet which never allowed an ample viewing experience for the audience. But, the latest created point of view cameras are built to resist not only the abuse of vibration but also any kind of mud or water marks that it is expected to come across.

These helmet cams are usually fitted either straight onto the forehead of the helmet or to the side; depending upon the user's preference. As soon as a user switches on the camera, the lens activates and captures the scenery with automatic contrast, white balance and other aspects. This data is then transmitted automatically to the video-recording unit which then records the scenery. This footage will carry on till the battery dies or the removable memory card is completely full.

Considering the fact that these kinds of POV cams are light weight, tiny and are very robust, they come with very flexible price points. These prices stretch from approximately $100 on the low point whereas mid price units are approximately $350 and high end models like the Vio Pov 1.5 go for about $650. Therefore these video cameras are accessible for anyone's financial plan. It would not matter if you are a pro or non-professional sports aficionado. A helmet cam is indeed meant for you!

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