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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is Your New Digital Camera Working The Way It Should?

By Chris Campbell

If you're shopping for the best compact digital camera then you should definitely check out the following recommendations.

In order to select the right camera you might want to analyze the offer from Canon, Kodak, Sony and Olympus. Why these manufacturers? It's easy: Canon and Sony offer the highest technology available on the market, Kodak cameras are well known for their user-friendly interfaces and great balance and last but not least, Olympus offers great features like waterproofing that might come in handy every once in a while.

The digital cameras can be structured in the following categories: Ultra compact digital cameras - are perfect for taking them everywhere with you but their viewfinder and controls are not that spectacular.

Compact digital cameras - are very affordable and very easy to use. Creative compact cameras - offer additional features and usually are more expensive. SLR-like cameras - are user-friendly and offer an improved picture quality in lo-light conditions

SLR-cameras - are bigger than the rest of the models and feature the best tools, amazing image quality and highest low-light capability.

If you don't have the time to search the market then you should take into consideration the following devices: the Olympus 720SW - $280, a compact and waterproof camera or the Fuji F30 - $265 the perfect indoor camera.

Unless you plan to get a nice depiction of your flash, avoid having any mirrors or anything reflective in the background that is perpendicular to your camera angle. At best, try to avoid such surfaces altogether, as they could produce unexpected results.

It also has an in-camera editing feature for RAW files which you can use to tweak sharpness, white balance, saturation, etc. and convert these files to JPEG. Other features include 11-point autofocus, 2.7-inch LCD, Expanded Dynamic Range, Dust Alert, and auto-cleaning sensor.

As a rule, try to get the "end people" as far away from the frame borders as possible, in case the photo might need to be cropped further on.

This set of digital camera photography tips should not be counted as state of the art rules, but rather as advice coming from a seasoned photographer.

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