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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Easy Digital Camera Suggestions For Everyone

By Chris Campbell

When you're looking at the specs of a DSLR camera, the list can be overwhelming, full of technical details and specifications. If you tried looking for reviews and ratings of digital cameras, you will feel very confused trying to make heads and tails of all the opinions that customers are sharing.

But if you do take the time and manage to sift through all that information, you will be able to make the best choice.

What exactly is the difference between a SLR and other digital cameras? Why are you looking to buy a SLR and not a compact or a subcompact? You should ask yourself these questions before you spend the money.

The camera manufacturers continue to hype this feature, simply that's what consumers have learned to look for over the years. For the most part, you can just ignore it.

If you really want a better feature to compare, take a look at image sensor size. The image sensor is for digital cameras, what film was for film cameras. The biggest difference being, you don't have to replace it all the time.

Just because a digital camera has a lot of pixels, it doesn't mean that the photo quality is guaranteed. If there are too many pixels, and the sensor isn't big enough, the photos can look over-pixilated or unnatural.

That's enough tech speak. How 'bout I make a few recommendations. The Canon PowerShot A570IS is a great beginner digital camera. It's been on a lot of top 10 lists lately, and continues to sell extremely well. For less than $150, you get 7MP, image stabilization, face recognition focusing, and the solid Canon name brand.

That includes compact cameras, ultra compact cameras, underwater cameras, SLR cameras, cameras lenses and so on and so on. These guys know cameras. So, if your going to base your buying decision on previous best sellers, then you'll likely do pretty good with Canon. They make something for just about anyones budget.

Since you know a few things about SLR digital cameras now, you can start your search for that new digital camera. You should start by checking out the reviews and ratings of different digital cameras.

Try comparing the resolutions and megapixels of a number of different digital cameras. Know what it can do before you go into that shop and buy it. It can be a great investment buying a SLR camera, but considering how much money you're spending, you should really do your research.

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