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Monday, May 25, 2009

What Digital Camera Features Are The Most Important?

By Chris Campbell

Let us start by demoting a myth: digital cameras don't do all the work, an inexperienced photographer can take awful shots with the best DSLR on the market. With a little research and willingness to learn, anyone can take great photos with a simple middle-end camera.

When taking pictures outdoors during day time, always adjust the white balance setting from "auto" to "cloudy". This increases the reds and yellows saturation, giving the shots a cozier feel.

If you are going to buy a camera, one of the most important things to consider is the number of pixels, which is the most basic unit of an image. The greater the pixels per inch, the clearer the picture are.

Some models use a pre-flash to contract the subjects' pupils milliseconds before the actual shot. Together with software-level corrections, the red eye effect fades out (sometimes it goes away completely).

The "close up" or "macro mode" setting, usually depicted by a flower symbol, enables the photographer, as the name suggests, to take close-up shots. Switch the mode on and get the camera to the object as closely as possible to explore views you have never shot before.

When looking for the best buy, always make sure to only choose brands that are well-known for its durability and strength. Some cameras have features such as shockproof, waterproof, and freezeproof. These features make it ideal for outdoor photography. These cameras can keep up with the harsh elements such as humidity, wind, water, and cold weather.

Also, one great advantage of WiFi connections is that you can simultaneously shoot pictures and have them transferred to your hard drive for viewing or storage. With such a facility, you could easily set up, for example, a live blogging platform.

These cameras may not come as cheap, but always bear in mind that quality, especially in terms of technology gadgets, has never been cheap. These are good investments to make especially when these will be for professional use.

If you always want to have a high-end camera model, many technology gadgets expert would probably advice that the best time to buy digital camera is every 3-5 years as this is the time when new technology feature is developed.

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