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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Digital Camcorder Allows You Be Truly Creative

By Chris Campbell

You are in the market for a new camcorder and for whatever reason you have decided to purchase a new VHS camcorder. VHS is an acronym for video home system and has been available for consumers for many years.

Perhaps you have had great success with a previous VHS camcorder and have convinced yourself that straying from a good experience is not a wise move. Or, perhaps, the purchasing of new cutting-edge technology is something that you endeavor to shy away from. This may be because you are being cautious about the new technology. Or perhaps it's just a financial decision knowing that the newer variations of camcorders can be fairly expensive.

Additionally, captured video were eventually commercialized and became an integral part of a successful television show that featured hilarious antics captured on tape. All of these elements have added to the continual evolution of the video camcorder.

It was a fraction of the size of the very large Beta machines they were carrying, and produced a much higher quality image. The small but versatile professional digital camcorder this reporter carried quite frankly made him the news more than the speaker at the conference, at least among his fellow journalists and documentarians.

For example, if your purchase of a VHS camcorder is to be used in your professional line of work, then the model may require a greater variety of sophisticated accessories. These professional features, that will enhance your video presentation, may be the difference in making the sale or not.

The CCD, charged coupled device, is basically a sensor that measures the light received through the lens of the camera. This measuring of light results in the image being captured with more intense image reflecting a higher electrical charge and a subdued image reflected by a lower electric charge. This recorded image, captured through the variances in light, are then displayed as imagery on our computers, televisions, etc.

Depending upon your comfort and need for all of the "bells and whistles" of a VHS camcorder, there is a broad range of available accessories. Some of these accessories range from zooming capabilities, editing capabilities, the size of the viewing screen, picture stabilizer, remote-control and nighttime or dimly lit room recording.

The video camcorder generally is accessorized with many features. One such feature is a zoom function. The motor, built into the unit, powers the accessories.

The second major component to a video camcorder is the built-in VCR. This VCR is similar to the stand alone model with the only difference being the size.

And for those thinking of a career in broadcasting, learning how to use a professional digital camcorder at an early age is something that can be accomplished through an internship or classes in a university, community college or trade school. The sky is truly the limit with a professional digital camcorder.

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