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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Ways to Photograph Pets

By SFXsource

You got that new pet, and now want to start photographing your furry friend. You won't settle for a regular snap-shot, and are reading this article because you are looking for some inspiration. The following tips will help you to take beautiful photos of your pet.

1. The best lighting for your pet is natural light. Window light is great, or if you can, take your pet outside. Unfortunately flash photography is not that great for pets. The flash may scare them, and it also makes them have red eyes in photographs.

2. Position yourself so that you are on the same level as your pet. Lie on the ground or crouch down. This is a good idea because you will appear less intimidating to your pet, while gaining a new appreciation of your surroundings. Your pet will curiously investigate the lens, making for an amusing photo.

3. Learn about your pet's idiosyncrasies and personality. When you know more about them, you will have more fun and will find them easier to photograph.

4. Get creative by changing your aperture settings, switching lenses, or playing with shutter speed. A fast shutter speed freezes your pet in motion, a small aperture blurs the background, a macro lens will allow you to take close-up photos, and a wide-angle lens fits more pet in the frame.

5. Be patient. As your photo shoot progresses, your pet will get more comfortable with you and the camera. If you are anxious and uncomfortable, they too will become anxious and uncomfortable, so remember to relax and be calm.

6. Be ready for the unexpected. Pets are unpredictable and a fantastic shot is always waiting around the corner. Photograph them in their element, with their favorite toy, or enjoying their favorite treat.

Remember to have fun! You will be able to display your pets looking like rock stars in no time. You can always look online or in magazine for additional ideas.

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