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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Top Rated Digital Cameras For 2009

By Chris Campbell

Everyone wants the best of everything. The best house, the best cars, the best spouse, the best kids, the best digital camera. Hang on, maybe that last one doesn't really belong in this category, but hey, I'm just trying to make a point.

What the point is, I'm not sure, but we'll get there. The best of everything, including digital cameras is something we've all be conditioned to look for. We all want to get value for our money. No matter what it is.

If there is one thing constant with our world, it is that things are forever changing. Especially in the world of tech gadgets. While digital cameras may not be considered a "gadget" by some, they are in fact still influenced by this same rapid rate of change.

Photography and all it's improvements can be a enthralling world to observe these days. What with all the new widgets, and whiz bang features, it's enough to make your head spin. You really do need a guide to keep you in the game.

If, however, your not a tech geek, and you just need a new camera for a party, vacation, wedding, or other special event, then the latest cool features are of little interest. As long as the camera will do what you want, you could care less about whether the camera has a 9 point face detection auto focusing feature.

The truth be told, the basis of a good camera really hasn't changed much in the past 50 years or so. You want a good quality lens, in a solid camera housing, that is capable of getting you a true to life quality image reproduction. The camera manufacturers have been greedily salivating over digital technology ever since it hit the photography field.

They've never had so many reasons to release so many new models with so many new bells and whistles. Mind you, some of them are great, but some features are just plain useless. Or if not useless, then probably so buried amongst all the other menu features that most users never know they're there let alone use them.

The really good news though, is that with the power of the internet at our disposal we can get the very latest up to date information at a moments notice. There are tools online, that will compare digital cameras feature by feature, and show you the top rated cameras on a daily basis.

Not only will they compare prices, but you can query these tools by feature as well. You can ask for example for the top rated Canon SLR cameras with 10 megapixels, a wide angle lens, in the 600-900 dollar range. These kind of tools can significantly shorten your search time, and alert you to some really good bargains in one fell swoop.

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