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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time To Upgrade Your Canon Rebel XT?

By Chris Campbell

The rate of so called improvements in the world of digital cameras is astounding. Canon has fueled the fire even once more, with their recent announcement of their latest SLR to the Rebel line, the T1i. Fans and owners of other Rebel SLR cameras, are probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

Sure, Live View, a larger LCD, and faster FPS can seem enticing, but is it really worth it? What is it your really after here? More bells and whistles, or better pictures? Personally, if I'm going to upgrade it's going to be something substantial. Something that allows me to take better photographs, and improve my skills as a photographer. Allow me to illuminate.

The entire Canon Rebel lineup including the T1i, have been very successful at catering to the entry level SLR camera niche. These are people ready to leave behind the slow, dreary, badly lit world of point and shoot photography behind for something better. But, it doesn't necessarily mean they want to spend thousands of dollars.

Now moving a compact camera to a decent SLR in the Rebel line, is a quantum leap in technology and skill level. Anyone whose done that, has likely taken better pictures, and learned a lot more about photography in the process. Unfortunately, moving from a Rebel XT to T1i, wont give you the same experience. You need to look at moving to at least a 40D or 30D.

You will be challenged moving from a Rebel SLR into the semi-pro arena of the 40D and better digital cameras. These cameras will take better pictures, but not without an increased effort on your part to improve your photography skill.

These cameras also have the added benefit of being tougher and more rugged. Their designed to be banged around a bit more in different photography environments. Expect noticeable improvements in ISO and metering.

As any SLR photographer will attest, the camera body is really just like a down payment on your house. There are a lot more expenses waiting to surprise you. You can easily spend more on lens, filters and other accessories than you do on the camera proper. Not all the Rebel lenses will work with the 30D and higher cameras.

So, before you give in to the endless marketing hype from Canon, or any other manufacturer, consider what it is you want from your camera. You could upgrade your whole camera. You could just buy a new lens or two. Or you could upgrade your skills with a little more photography education. It's your call.

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