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Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Introduction to Buying a Digital Camera

By Tony Macarthur

The vast majority of digital camera users will not even use half of the functions it contains,buyers especially first timers become confused about what it is they are supposed to look for. So what are the things to look for if you want to buy a digital camera? Probably the most important thing you need to determine what functions are important in the camera you choose.

Will this be purely for casual use for special occasions, for example? Even with the overall reduction in cost and improvement in abilities and design during recent years, the cost is still something to factor in. If you are using you home pc to carry out photo editing you will need to think about whether you pc is up to the task.Some new personal computers come with a digital camera as part of a package, this may be worth considering. Fortunately you won't have to pay for the image editing software when you buy a digital camera but if you are after a printer or cartridges, these will be an extra expense that will have to be catered for.

Your printer may be fine for letters but is it up to printing photos, To get the best pictures it will be necessary to set the camera to the maximum number of pixels it can operate at. When fitted to a digital camera, its internal memory is usually only good for the storage of a couple of high resolution shots. There are a number of card types - some of the latest the professionals use can store 32 gigabytes,some require a card reader for a high speed connection to your pc.

Another, sometimes under-used test is just holding it to see how it feels. Knowing how to hold a camera properly might help here too. Look at where all the controls are and see how easy they are to find and use. Before you buy a digital camera, check to see if it is supplied with batteries that are rechargeable,these can last for many hundreds of shots and will save a great deal of money. Some people buy their digital camera purely on the size of the screen,large screens make taking the picture so much easier.

Try to buy a model with an optical zoom which usually start with 3x power, The picture quality deteriorates if you use the digital zoom camera and generally isn't worth the bother once you have seen the image results. When you buy your model also buy a tripod of any description, because even table versions can be very useful especially if you want to get in the shot. With this information, you can now figure out what you really need and want before you buy a digital camera.

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