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Friday, March 6, 2009

Will The Powershot A590 Be Your Next Digital Camera

By Joshua Kelley

Digital cameras have widely replaced older styles due to their large storage capacity, unlike a camera which uses film, digital cameras can store thousands of photos. This allows photographers to take as many pictures as they like without the expense of film, or the inconvenience of running out.

But the competition among digital camera makers remain fierce because they strive to attract customers best on the quality of their cameras along with the features, style, versatility, and price. Price is one of the most important especially for regular customers that just want a regular camera that is easy to use.

It is with these customers in mind that Canon created the Powershot A590, a budget camera for the regular market. Unlike cameras which are made for a specific use, the Canon Powershot A590 performs well across the board without having a costly price tag. Read on to find out more about the features offered by this versatile budget-priced digital camera.

The A590 boasts a sleek black color scheme and a size which most users will find to be just right. Not too heavy to be a hassle, yet not so small that its difficult to use. The A590 has a screen comparable in size to larger models, despite its small size and incorporates several of the most commonly used functions into a single set of controls.

Unlike many budget cameras, the Canon Powershot A590 hasnt been stripped of the functions which make it useful to more serious professionals. The Powershot does a good job of providing functions which will be appreciated by beginners as well as more advanced ones. The A590 features a DIGIC III Image Processor for automatic white balance and sharpness correction.

Even amateurs will find some of the Powershot A590s advanced features to be greatly useful, such as Motion Detection Technology. Included in other models from the Powershot line, this feature compensates for motion in subjects, reducing the blur. The A590 also includes Face Detection, which helps capture accurate tones in portraits. Best of all for beginners, Easy Mode lets you take advantage of the advanced functions of the A590 without having to spend a lot of time fixing settings.

Even veteran users will find a lot to like in the Canon Powershot A590 this camera offers 19 different shooting modes, with 7 different scene modes " quite a bit of options for a cheap camera, any phtographer would agree. Accessories allow the user to add on a lot of other functionality to the A590.

Priced less than $150, the Powershot A590 is a fantastic deal, especially considering that were talking about an 8 MP camera which is packed with functions for its price point. It provides fantastic ease of function and gets a great shot every time, and of course, you can share these photos to your Canon PIXMA printer to have them print right away. The Canon Powershot A590 is a great deal and is sure to win over a lot of new fans.

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