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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Are Helmet Cameras?

By Fiona Fidelis

The use of helmet cameras is increasing, especially in sports TV broadcasting. Helmet cams are tiny video cameras, usually mounted on a helmet, that provide viewers with the wearers point of view. Helmet cameras are fantastic little devices, and they stand up to a lot of punishment. They have many different uses, thanks to their versatility.

Most helmet cams are built to last through any kind of weather, and can take a serious beating. A lot of them are waterproof too, so you can even take them underwater with you if youre an avid scuba diver wishing to document your dives. Despite their ruggedness, theyre very light and extremely portable. Because theyre so flexible and reliable, theyre great for a wide range of activities " from the lightest duties to some rough n tumble action.

The most popular use for helmet cameras is in sports broadcasting. The helmet cam gives broadcasters the opportunity to show the action from the players point of view, in turn giving viewers a better view of the action. Most cameras are wide-angle lenses, so theyre able to capture more action, as well. Coaches can make great use of helmet cameras because it allows them to more accurately analyze an athletes movements.

Surprisingly enough, helmet cams are fairly inexpensive, though they do range in price. The higher quality cameras, mostly used by TV stations, can be quite pricey. The most popular models right now are the Gopro Hero series, which ranges in price depending on what kind of camera you need, and the Vio POV 1.5. Theyre not limited to just helmets either " you can mount them just about anywhere you like. The really great thing about these cameras is that they record to either SD or micro SD cards, so you dont have to make an extra investment if you already have some lying around.

So, are helmet cameras right for you? If you want to shoot footage from your own point of view, and not worry about losing a hand-held camera while youre out playing, then the answer is definitely yes. Helmet cams also give you more options for editing a home video if you have footage from a hand-held as well. Its not expensive to get a decent model, so a helmet camera may be a great investment regardless of what youre using it for.

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