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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The powershot sd 770

By Joshua D Gunn

Why the Canon PowerShot SD 770 is the Best Digital Camera for the Newbies

Digital cameras have been around for several years now and are constantly improving in style and functionality. The newer models often appear smaller and capable of doing more things. They are getting more affordable too, so everyone can dive in the digital camera age and start capturing precious moments.

While top companies struggle to keep their cameras high on features and good on price, some forget to make them simple and easy to use. A lot of good features is a nice thing, but it wont sell well if people that are not so tech-savvy cant operate it well. Canon answers this problem by showing off one of the newest additions to the PowerShot series " the Canon PowerShot SD 770.

This is an excellent choice for newbies because it is small and has all of the important controls near the 2.5-inch display without that annoying wheel for switching modes. Switching modes in the Canon PowerShot SD 770 is as easy as toggling the switch. The small profile of the camera makes it easy to handle and allows quick point and shoot usage even with one hand.

Taking shots couldnt be any user-friendlier than this. This DIGIC III Image Processor does a fine job in automatically setting the white balance and removing any red-eye portions when needed right after a shot is taken. Now you dont have to do some minor corrections on the computer or the camera itself. The improved face detection makes it even better by accurately setting the right skin tones.

There is even a cool feature in the Canon SD 770 that will definitely take out some frustration from new users with new motion detection technology. Capturing moving subjects was always a pain in standard digital cameras, but now newbies can shoot the way they want to and capture motion shots like the professionals all with the motion detection technology that the Canon PowerShot SD770 offers.

The camera can take photos up to 10 megapixels with up to 3.0x optical zoom. With the high resolution, you can zoom into your subjects and crop certain areas while retaining maximum quality. These photos can easily be shared by pressing the Print/Share button so you can send them to your PIXMA printer and print your photos in 28 different sizes. You can even print various stills on a video that you recorded.

With all these goodies packed in the small camera, all you need to do really is insert a memory card, turn on the camera, set it on auto, and start shooting away. No need to worry about what memory card to use because the Canon SD 770 supports SD/SDHC, MMC/MMC Plus/HC and MMC Plus memory cards. If you are feeling a bit advanced, you can also fine-tune some settings like the white balance and exposure all by just going through the easy user interface.

The Canon PowerShot SD 770 is lightweight, easy to learn, and is up to par with many of the other powerful cameras out in the market. Their added technologies make it even better making it worth the price.

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