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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking For A Good Camera?

By Don Bethune

When I bought my last digital camera, I based my selection on reviews from the internet, the opinions of my family and friends and information from workers in the store. I'm sure you do the same when you want to buy a digital camera.

I find that I prefer to shop around, and check out the features of a wide variety of cameras. My criteria are good features, high quality and low cost. The Canon Powershot a590is is the camera that suits me the best.

The camera is affordable, since it only costs between 80 and 300 dollars. I bought mine online, as they were offering the best deal at the time. Buying online means that the prices are usually cheaper than in stores, but shop around to find the best bargain.

While this camera doesn't cost a lot, it's a really good camera for the money. The quality and ease of use are excellent, and I think the price is very reasonable. All I had to do was read through the manual quickly, and then I was taking beautiful pictures.

There's another Canon Powershot camera, the a570is. There's a few places on the internet where they compare this camera to the a590is. The reviews say that when it comes to a570is vs a590is, they are both good. I prefer the a590is

In any case, both of these cameras have a reasonable price, are high-quality and take lovely pictures. I've had no complaints with the a590is, and the pictures look like they were taken professionally! The canon powershot a590is is a really good camera.

The camera contains all the features you would want on a camera like this. It has a zoom lens, anti-shake technology to ensure crisp pictures, and takes AA batteries (which I find very convenient). The a590is also takes a range of memory cards, such as CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SD cards and xD picture cards. The camera also has other great features too!

If you want to find out more about the a590is, then simply search on the internet for canon a590is reviews. Hopefully this will help you make your mind up, and you'll be as happy as I am with your new camera.

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