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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Discount Digital Cameras Photography: Tips and Tricks

By Jake Sanders

Digital Cameras have lots of features, buttons, and adjustment tricks all aimed for the sole purpose of capturing great pictures. But what if youre a newbie and you just want to take one step at a time getting to know your digital camera? Well, I think youve found the right place because today we will be discussing simple yet useful tips in ensuring that you will have your moneys worth and the quality of the image youve been wanting to achieve.

1. Outdoor Shots

One of the great hidden features of the digital cameras is the fill flash or flash on mode. By taking control of the flash so it goes on when you want it to, not by the cameras liking or it deems appropriate. In flash on mode, the camera exposes for the background first adding just enough flash that illuminates the subject, thus resulting to an image that looks like taken by a pro. Wedding photographers and some professionals have been using this technique for years now.

2. Macro-licious

Do you like simple subjects for Photography like the flowers, grasses, or the trees? Then the next time you do, you might want to turn that Macro Mode on (you will see a flower icon somewhere in the buttons) and be surprised to see the world in finer detail. Activate the close up mode on your digital camera and see that even the simplest object takes on new fascinating twist, and the best bit is it is easy to achieve.

3. High Resolution Revolution

One of the most important reasons for having a huge space for memory is to maximize your camera's capability for shooting the highest resolution. If you paid a premium price for a 6 megapixel digital cameras, then get your money's worth and shoot at 6 megapixels. And while you're at it, shoot at your camera's highest quality compression setting too. The point is, if you have enough memory, then there's no reason to shoot at a lower resolution and risk missing the opportunity of capturing those great shots.

4. Tedious Tripods

The sight of the photographer using the tripod heightened that professionalism aura surrounding his already intimidating presence, and so they thought. Fact is, the tripod has nothing to do with what makes a true photographer. But the use of the tripod can really make a big difference between good and badly taken pictures. Problem is, they are bulky, heavy, and frustrating if youre on a travel. Tripod nowadays comes in various sizes and styles and they cancel the problems with that of generic tripod design (as you already know).

5. Self Timer Possibilities

It doesnt mean that youre branded as the family photographer, you will be missing important occasions and events because by the simple reason of you being the photographer. Having the tripod and pushing that timer on will save you from that doomed position as the missing photographer. Remember that most built-in camera flashes have only a range of 10 feet (or less), so make sure you don't stand too far away.

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