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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buy Spy Cameras To Protect Your Home And Office

By Jason Frehly

When we buy spy cameras to protect our home and office we have take the offensive in our own personal security. We actively put an end to the the days of 'passive' protection. By taking the important first step of buying a spy camera, we actually put the bad-guys on defense - right where they belong!

But to buy spy cameras is the easy part. To know 'which' spy cameras to buy may be a bit more difficult. There are some simple questions that need to be answered at the very outset of our investigation in order to be sure that the spy cameras that we purchase are exactly what we need.

First and foremost we need to know where the spy cameras will be located. The location of the spy cameras is important due to the fact it will reveal much to us about the type of spy cameras we're going to need. Will they be located inside or outside? Will the location have low-light or normal lighting conditions? Will it be a hidden location? Will it be a location conducive to wired cameras? Or will wireless models be necessary?

After answering the question of where, we'll need to answer the question of what? What are we going to film on our home spy cameras? If we need to record a particular person or situation, than we'll need a particular type of camera. If we need to record a perimeter or multiple rooms, than we're going to need an entirely different type of spy camera.

The third set of questions has to do with the viewing and storage of our chosen capture device. Will we need to immediately view the evidence captured on our spy cameras? Will we need to record the data? If we need to record and store the data, how much storage will we need? What type of storage devices will we need to implement with our home spy camera system? These questions will help us to best decide on the type of monitor and digital video recorder (dvr) we will need to better implement our home spy camera system.

Of course we have to consider the cost - unless we have unlimited budgets. Even with an unlimited budget it is not a good idea to buy something simply because it is the most expensive - OR because it's the cheapest. We need to first answer the previous three sets of questions - and then proceed to deal with our budget. We first need to learn what type of spy cameras that we need. We then decide which are the best spy cameras to buy within our budgetary constraints. The budget question should not be a concern at the beginning. First learn what you need to buy, then search within your budget.

We buy spy cameras to protect ourselves or to catch someone in the act of doing something their not supposed to do. By reading and then acting on what we learn in this list we put ourselves in the best position to be protected. But the important thing to realize is that we must ACT! We must go from reading to action!

The decision to buy spy cameras may cause some of us to worry - but this is due only to a lack of understanding and knowledge. This is second nature to others. But the key to being successful when we buy spy cameras is to follow the steps in the list and then to act on these steps. Good luck! I hope that this has set you on the right path to helping you make the best decision available when you buy your spy cameras.

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