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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

T-Mobile G1 - A Whole New Experience for Consumers

By Matt Ryan

T-Mobiles G1 has a truly open source operating system - Google's Android. This was a big step, not only for Google, but for T-Mobile as well. The combination of Smartphone technologies and open source OS, gives consumers full control over their experience with the G1. With the G1 consumers can truly work and / or play from anywhere!

The front panel, of the phone, is a 3.2-inch TFT LCD touch screen, with necessary navigational buttons directly below. With a 320 x 480-pixel resolution, you will experience crisp imagery when playing with applications, browsing the internet, or simply gliding through the multiple screens of you phone.

Sliding the display, or front face, of the phone slightly upwards will reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Rather than having an on screen keyboard, T-Mobile felt that a true QWERTY keyboard would allow consumers to be more efficient with their typing.

Knowing that Google developed the operating system, it should be no surprise that many of the default applications are also Google. (Applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Talk, and Calendar.) However, there are other applications like Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger, which are standard on the G1. Through the collaboration on Android Market, many other applications are also available.

The G1 is at the top of the line for Smartphones, and there is one reason for this - the operating system - Android. The operating system was created for consumers, so they could create applications that they want to use. Not only can consumers create their own applications, they can also share them with other Android users.

The G1 gives consumers a true "always-connected" experience. With the combination of 3G and Wi-Fi, consumers seamlessly transfer between networks when necessary. The transition is unnoticeable to consumers, or to the people they are talking to. The only difference, users might notice, is when browsing the web or using GPS functionality on the 3G network. The speed, on the 3G network, is phenomenal - you would never know you are connecting through a phone.

Many other features are included with the G1. One-touch Google search, web browsing, instant messaging, e-mail, and a 3.2-megapixel camera are just a handful of the additional features. The camera, while a nice feature, is not a very functional feature. The outcome, that this camera produces, typically looks like a 4 year old was the photographer. It appears as if there needs to be some sort of image stabilizer integrated into the phone to help with picture capturing.

This being the first release of the G1, there are a few features missing from the phone. For example, there is not stereo Bluetooth, no way to record video, and there is no on-screen keyboard. The battery could use a pick-me-up as well. The average lifespan, of the G1s battery, has only been around a couple of hours. If you turned everything off, you could probably make it last a bit longer. Regardless, there has been talk that there will be a fix to this issue soon.

You can purchase the G1 for around $179.99 (with a new or extended contract through T-Mobile). With the numerous features and additional bonuses - on the G1 - this is an incredible price. T-Mobile and Google have worked diligently to bring you a phone that you can truly experience on a personal level. The G1 fits that bill.

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