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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shoot a Video

By SFXsource

Anyone can make a short film, you don't need to be a professional. Any kind of camera will do, because these tips will help you make a great video. Post-production is key to creating an awesome film, however, you'll need really good footage for post-production to run smoothly. The first step is to figure out what you want the film to be about. You'll want to pick someone interesting. Get ready for an adventure- forget the tripod, you can leave it behind.

1. Don't move the camera. You don't need to move the camera to capture movement. Hold the camera still and don't feel like you need to follow the movement. Later on you may want to pan the camera, if you have a steady hand.

2. A close up shot is key. It draws attention to the action and engages the viewer. This is no time to be shy- get the camera right next to that person's face.

3. Next, get a great shot over the person's shoulder. This is a good perspective to have, and the viewer feels as though they are right there. It's okay if the person moves in and out of the frame.

4. An overview shot will tie in the previous shots- take a step back and get all the action in one frame. Walk around (not while you are recording) and get shots from all around.

5. Once you have the previous shots, you can begin to experiment filming from other angles. You can shoot from above, or get on the ground. Try not to "zoom in." If you feel like you need to get closer, just move yourself in closer.

Ideally, hold each shot for 10 seconds. Following your instincts is good, rely on what your eye is drawn to. Now, with a number of different shots you can put together a great film.

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